What Does Teamwork Mean to DCO?

What Does Teamwork Mean to DCO?

This past Thursday, DCO Commercial Floors hosted their first ever employee summit. Employees from across our 4 branches came together for  fellowship, growth, and to learn how to be a better team together.  Our leadership team lead an exercise where our employees were placed into groups and were asked the question: What does teamwork mean to DCO? Each letter was in the word was deemed a quality that would make a team successful. We all know that together everyone achieves more, and this exercise showed us that our teammates each have different perspectives of what creates success in a team. Here are the results:

T – Trust

E -Efficiency 

A – Accountability

M – Motivation

W – Willingness

O – Organized

R – Reliable

K – Knowledge

After the sessions, we asked our employees to vote for what teamwork means to them at DCO. The following results are what our employees feel are the attributes of a successful team working to achieve.

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