Author: DCOCF Marketing, April 7th, 2022

The Hope House Lodge


The Hope house Lodge is a place for families of cancer patients to stay while the patients are being treated at the Emory location in Decatur, Ga. The Atlanta Hope Lodge has provided free housing to more than 14,000 cancer patients and caregivers, helping them save more than $42 million. The hope house offers a solution to cancer patients when the best treatment options are far from home. It’s not simply a place to stay, but it’s a home away from home helping to alleviate the strain of travel, and some of the financial and emotional burdens faced by families during this tough time.

DCO Commercial Floors’ was proud to be a part of this project, and all of the lives it has impacted. During the project, the DCO team installed 20,000 feet of tile, 23,000 feet of lvt, upo floor in the dining area, along with 1200 yards of carpet tile. There were 5000 linear feet of millwork base installed, and forbo walk-off mats. Carndean loose lay longboard was installed in all 64 units.


The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Atlanta opened in 1988 and was renovated in 2021. It offers 57 guest rooms located near the treatment centers in the area.

Established in 1970, the Charleston, SC Hope Lodge was the first facility of its kind in the country for cancer patients and caregivers. The concept came from Margot Freudenberg, a leader in the Charleston medical and business communities who saw a similar facility while traveling through Australia and New Zealand with President Eisenhower’s People to People Ambassador Program. After her own family was touched by cancer, Margot was determined to establish the very first Hope Lodge community in Charleston. Now a nationwide program of the American Cancer Society, over 30 Hope Lodge facilities in the United States and Puerto Rico serve patients and caregivers from all over the world.

What the Hope House Lodge means to DCO:

DCO’s Jeremy Friedman was awarded this project in July of 2020, and DCO was able to contribute to the American Cancer society cause with a donation toward the American Cancer Society while completing this project. Jeremy Friedman has been with DCO Commercial Floors for 6 years and worked with the project team to complete this scope of work during the covid-29 pandemic. The project presented many challenges because of this, but DCO was able to push past the difficulties to complete this project on time. This was a fast-paced job with all the workings of COVID-19 and restrictions.

This project holds a special place in Jeremy Friedman’s heart. Jeremy’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and completed treatment at the Emory treatment center. Jeremy is grateful to have been a part of this project, because of the impact it has made on so many lives, including his.

How you can help:

Your generous donations to support the Hope Lodge program allow us to continue to provide free, safe, comfortable, and convenient lodging for patients who need to travel away from home to get the cancer treatment they need.

In addition to financial support, our Hope Lodge communities are always in need of basic supplies. Please contact the Hope Lodge staff to discuss specific needs at this time.

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