• Industry
  • LocationAthens, Georgia
  • Completion DateFebruary 2, 2017
  • Project Executive(s)Ezra Peterson
  • Project Manager(s)Meghan Blanchard
  • Materials UsedStone: Jovino Limestone, Grey Sky ; Millie Brown, Brushed
  • Other ContributionsDesigner: EE Architecture

This was a complete renovation of an existing church sanctuary. This technical installation started with a wood subfloor. Leveling and flattening was of most importance with this job, so this cement mortar method (TCNA F141-16) was used. What started out looking like a pile of cement, sand, water, and other stuff wonderfully transformed into the substrate which got covered with the beautiful stone tile. First, the plywood was laid down. Then, a layer of the sand and cement mixture was spread across. Wire fabric reinforcement was used to increase the flexible strength of the mortar bed, which helps reduce potential failures in the tile. More mud was spread over the reinforcing wire, then a layer of Mapei guard uncoupling membrane. The stone was then laid on top of the membrane, using Stone tile, Stone treads, and Mapei resin grout.

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