DCO Commercial Floors is proud to introduce our newest Certified Installation Managers. The following professionals have completed all requirements of the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) program through the Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA) to enhance their core skill set, experience, and knowledge base, which are necessary to successfully manage commercial flooring installation projects.

  • Tom Krieger, Lead Site Superintendent
  • Meghan Blanchard, Senior Project Manager
  • Corbin Mintz, Project Manager
  • Sean Harrison, Project Manager
  • Marcos Rivera, Site Superintendent

To provide the highest level of project management, DCOCF requires all project managers to acquire this project management certification through FCICA, which is recognized as the industry’s leading installation and project management certification. The program is recommended for our site superintendents and is also offered to all other employees who wish to obtain the certification.

About the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program
The CIM program provides industry-specific training modules led by experts that speak from years of floor covering experience packaged with assessments to confirm the vast knowledge obtained. The program is completely online, allowing users to work at their own pace, on their own time. For more information about the CIM Program, visit www.fcica.com/CIM.

About the Flooring Contractors Association (FCICA)
FCICA, headquartered in West Bloomfield, Michigan, is the resource for premier commercial flooring contractors. FCICA promotes the advancement and continuous development of Certified Installation Managers (CIM), provides technical education, business support and industry expert networking, and delivers skills and knowledge to enhance the professionalism of commercial flooring contractors.