Top 5 Commercial Flooring Trends of 2021
Author: DCOCf Marketing, December 31st, 2021

The 5 Most Popular Commercial Flooring Trends of 2021


As we approach the last few weeks of 2021, we want to take the opportunity to look at the year in review: The 5 most popular commercial flooring trends of 2021. A year of distribution problems, shortages, and scheduling problems of all kinds. As we take a look at 2021, we see that there were 5 emerging  trends in commercial flooring that brought solutions to the table, so the industry could continue moving forward. Sustainability, versatility, and resilience have become consistent themes in the flooring industry throughout 2021.

The possibilities have no longer become limited, and the range of commercial flooring materials has become more than just carpet, linoleum and ceramics. As we see the modernization of installation processes and environmental capabilities increase, we know the sky is the limit. Check out the year in review: The 5 most popular commercial flooring trends of 2021.

Commercial Flooring Trends:

1 – Commercial Vinyl Floor Tiles & Rolls- Protect-All/Texas Granite

Commercial vinyl has been the choice of 2021. While this is mainly due to the distribution issues and shortages during the covid-19 pandemic, there are a multitude of reasons that commercial vinyl flooring has become a popular choice in 2021. Technological advances have made vinyl flooring possible in all varieties, disabilities, and design options. It has also become available in finishes such as: wood, stone, marble, and more. This has created an opportunity to use vinyl in other spaces like apartment building and offices, without sacrificing style. Overall, it is the ideal choice when it comes to durability, ease of installation, and design for any space.


Protect- All is a slip-resistant flooring solution that is made out of almost 90% pre-consumer recycled content that provides stain and fire protection for areas exposed to water, heavy traffic patterns and extreme weight loads. Protect-All flooring is also resistant to bacterial growth, and mildew; it does not absorb water and is non-corrosive.

Some common applications for Protect-All are:

  • Commercial KitchensProtect- All
  • Building Entrances
  • Cafeterias
  • Gyms
  • Waterparks

For more information on Protect-All Flooring, click here.

Texas Granite

In addition to Protect-All Flooring, Texas Granite is also a viable option for this trend. Texas Granite is a solid vinyl flooring that is sustainable and can be used in multipurpose solutions. Because solid vinyl flooring is water-resistant, less expensive to install than ceramic tile, and flexible, it’s used for a variety of commercial spaces.

Therefore, solid vinyl is perfect for high-traffic places because it is durable, long-lasting and versatile and can withstand sunlight and heavy use overall. Solid vinyl can also come in many colors and patterns, so the design options are limitless.


No-wax floor:

  • High gloss potential, increased user satisfaction
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less facility down time
  • Immediate access
  • No VOC emissions

Made from a dense monolithic formulation:

Solid Vinyl

  • Phthalate free
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • High traffic use

Micro-Ground™ edge for a seamless look

  • Tiles are factory sanded on all 4 sides to form perfect squares resulting in a seamless looking floor

To learn more about Texas Granite, click here.

2 – Multi-Use Raised Flooring – ASM 

Access Flooring was the second most popular trend in 2021. Because access flooring does not cause increased load on the structure, it can be used in buildings that will be adapted and used for different purposes in the future.

Examples include University classrooms or commercial office spaces.
Because raised access flooring is a surface that sits atop the existing floor, leaving room underneath for running cabling, ductwork, and more, there are various styles and uses for raised access flooring. Data centers may opt for a more heavy-duty solution with available space below to run cables and airflow equipment. Traditional office spaces may use the lower profile floor to maintain space between the floor and ceiling, while also offering space below the floor for basic cabling needs.

Raised access flooring provides versatility for office environments because the panels can be disassembled easily. Technical flooring provides a cleaner, healthier environment with anti-bacterial capabilities, and a way that offices can optimize WIFI, air-conditioning, and heating. The raised floor structure allows for companies to change their layout if needed.


3 – Polished Concrete Floor 

Polished concrete takes home the bronze for popularity in 2021. Polished concrete has fully cemented itself as a modern flooring choice in the design community as well as a selection for clients in their overall floor selection portfolio.   Over the last decade specifically, the marriage of modern decorative concrete solutions and traditional floor coverings has been fully consummated.

Polished concrete has created a new trend with its clean and modern finish, while still providing sustainability and functionality in many different environments. Polished concrete is practical, and has fit the aesthetic for a clean, and professional environment. Some of the benefits of polished concrete are shown below.


  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Low Cost
  • Increased Cleanliness
  • Improved Appearance

4 – Modular Carpet Tiles – Mannington

Modular Carpet takes home fourth place for popularity in 2021. While the tile market was always popular over the years, modular carpet tiles are now becoming a more specified favorite this year. The carpet tile industry has a steady growth from 2010-2015 but has recently slowed down due to the rise in vinyl tile flooring options. While there are advantages to both, modular carpet tiles are here to stay, for now. Some of Mannington’s advantages to modular carpet are shown below.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Infinity® 2 Modular backing provides superior performance with a moisture barrier.
  • rEvolve® is a vinyl alternative modular backing with high performance and a moisture barrier.
  • Integra HP® is a high-performance broadloom backing with an impermeable moisture barrier.
  • UltraBac® RE broadloom backing offers strong performance and excellent environmental benefits.
  • Infinity®2MG backing allows for installations in areas with up to 99% RH in certain situations.
  • We offer limited lifetime wick-back warranties.

Modular Carpet

5 – Recycle Carpet- Interface

Lastly, we have recycled carpet. It’s not a surprise that this made the list. In 2021, there are more options than ever for sustainable and green measures to reduce waste and provide effective solutions for end-users while protecting the planet. Both Mohawk and Shaw are two big proponents who have continued to prioritize green options in the commercial industry.

 ReEntry Program:

Interface has a recycling program that allows them to fully re-use carpet while providing sustainable initiates that help lower the carbon footprint of the flooring industry overall.

Interface’s ReEntry® program allows them to recycle on a large scale in the Americas, with the overall goal being to recycle carpet globally. Their recycling process is more than just turning old flooring into new flooring. Through partnerships with vendors and global communities, they are also fostering a circular economy. Residents in poverty-stricken areas exchange materials (discarded nylon fishing nets) or services (weaving) for an additional source of income. Those nets become face fiber in our carpet tiles and the weavers’ creations generate donations for charity. Everybody wins. The need for green alternatives has become a prominent push in 2021 and continues to push ahead to innovate and evolve the flooring industry as a whole, for the better.



2021 brought many challenges to the commercial flooring industry; distribution shortages, shipping times, and much more. But as problems present themselves, industries and partners adapt. However, the commercial flooring industry continues to find alternatives to give customers the solutions they need. Here’s to the commercial flooring trends of 2022, and the continued growth of the commercial flooring industry.

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