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Altro Wall Cladding
 Author: DCOCf Marketing, December 14th, 2021

 The Altro Advantage in Wall Cladding Solutions

DCO is one of the only approved installation partners for ALTRO. We are familiar with their standard
Whiterock and Puraguard options, but did you know they have greatly expanded their wall cladding offering? When it comes to the Altro Wall Cladding Solutions, DCO Commercial Floors has the advantage.


Many years ago, DCO was approached by one of our flooring manufacturers to install hygienic wall panels that worked in conjunction with their sheet vinyl. The combination would create a space that could be easily hosed down and cleaned. The general contractor could not find anyone qualified to take on the wall panel scope. So in DCO’s “making it easy” fashion, we helped the general contractor fill his scope gap. In this case, it made perfect sense for us to handle it. We worked with a certified installer to complete the project and would go on to get several of our installers certified to work with this product. Today, we are one of a few trade contractors in our region certified to install Altro hygienic wall panels, which gives us an extraordinary competitive advantage. In the beginning, it was basic Altro Whiterock. Later they added a less expensive version called Puraguard. More recently, they have gotten extremely creative with many different colors and visuals. They can also incorporate custom graphics and artwork. The possibilities for designers abound with this wall cladding product.

The Altro walls system was introduced over 35 years ago and has been a market leader ever since. Providing creative freedom to designers, our effective walls systems deliver a safe, and hygenic walls solution. Their walls system consists of a range of design-oriented options and textures that provide flexibility with colors and shades to meet aesthetic and performance requirements for endless possibilities.

The Altro Advantage:

Altro Whiterock  offers a variety of hygienic wall panels – from cool, crisp white to vibrant colors and patterns or personalized wall schemes, giving complete design flexibility for any environment.

Types of Altro Wall Cladding:

1) Whiterock FR-U  1.Whiterock FR-U – Manufactured for pharmaceutical and medical device production facilities.

2)Whiterock MATTE- Lightly textured surface camouflages scuffs and surface damage associated with heavy traffic areas.

Whiterock MATTE




3) Whiterock Imagination Wall- Combines customizable print options with a versatile dry erase finish. Available in six imaginative scenes.

Whiterock Imagination Wall

4)Whiterock Chameleon- High impact, high design shades to add a little bit of affordable luxury to a range of environments.

The Altro Advantage in Wall Cladding Solutions- 4
Whiterock Chameleon


Altro Wall Designs:

Designer patterns on durable wall panels, Altro Whiterock wall designs combine the durability, hygiene, and resilience of Altro Whiterock wall panels with striking patterns sure to enhance today’s contemporary, commercial interiors. The attractive palette of wood, linen, concrete and metallic visuals ensure these decorative wall panels shine in every environment. Wall designs coordinate exceptionally well with our flooring, providing designers, specifiers, and end-users an extensive suite of creative options Altro provides.

Benefits of Altro Wall Cladding:

  • Authentic film print design
  • Class A fire rated
  • Consistent 2.5mm thickness
  • Install with or without trims
  • Capable of heat welding seams
  • Thermoformable on site
  • Fully bonded to substrate
  • Impervious to water ingress
  • Extremely impact-resistant
  • Non-porous, hydrophobic
  • No VOCs
  • Lead-free, phthalate-free

Typical Use:

  • Front-of-house
  • Healthcare
  • Senior living
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Lobbies
  • Reception
  • Leisure


There are five coordinating trim colors offered with the Altro Whiterock wall designs range.  These are available in a two-part joint strip and a two-part start and leading edge trim.

Matching weldrod, sanitary sealant and the full range of Altro Whiterock and Altro Whiterock Chameleon accessories may be used with Altro Whiterock wall designs.

The Altro Advantage in Wall Cladding Solutions



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5)Whiterock Wall Designs- Attractive wood, linen, concrete and metallic visuals.

Whiterock Wall Designs

6) Whiterock PopArt- Custom images and artwork recreated onto Altro Whiterock wall panels.

Altro Wall Cladding-6
Whiterock PopArt



7) Whiterock Digiclad- Custom print option that allows reproduction of photographic images or vector art onto Altro Whiterock panels.

Whierock Digiclad

8) Tegulis- Wall panel solution with an authentic tile look and feel.

The Altro Advantage Wall Cladding-8

9) Whiterock Whiteboard- Premium clear dry erase coating that allows for any Altro wall panel to be turned into a custom dry erase board.

Whiterock Whiteboard


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