Why Corporate Office Window Treatments Matter

Why Corporate Office Window Treatments Matter

Published by: Brandi Reynolds, July 8th, 2022


When it comes to the productivity of your workplace, it’s important your environment is set up for success in every way.  This is why corporate office window treatments matter. Employees should be able to thrive, focus, and learn from the environment around them. Window treatments provide functionality, design, and allow for the health and wellbeing of the entire workplace, while reducing costs and boosting morale.

Why Corporate Office Window Treatments Matter

Natural Lighting Promotes a healthy work environment:

Natural lighting in an office is one of the most important factors that can influence employees’ alertness and health and wellness. Workers who are in office environments that optimize natural lighting reported an 84 percent drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision symptoms, which often result from prolonged computer and device use at work and can detract from productivity. Employees are also more alert in office environments that have natural lighting. Workers in offices with smart glass reported a 10 percent decrease in drowsiness.

Many studies done have shown that offices with a significant amount of office lighting are overall more productive, at about a 2 percent increase- this would be equal to about $100,000/year of value for every 100 workers or about $2m over the lifetime of the window. Furthermore, natural light gives a better indoor office experience. “Workers in offices with smart glass reported a 40 percent increase in the daylight quality. Lack of daylight and access to views decreases the ability for the eye to relax and recover from fatigue. Additionally, workers in proximity to windows report 80 percent higher daylight satisfaction. ”

Window Treatments Provide UV Protection:

Most of us rarely put sunscreen on inside our homes, right? Well, when when we think about how often we are exposed to the everyday warmth of the sun, it’s important to consider window treatments in corporate office spaces. The sun’s rays can penetrate the glass, and damage not only your skin but also your belongings. Window treatments come to the rescue with the ability to filter between 75%-99% of the harmful UV rays you would encounter without them. Especially during the hot summer months, you can increase the overall lifespan of your flooring and your furnishings in the space.

Reducing the Sneaky Costs:

Adding window treatments to your corporate office space allows for the reduction of the sneaky costs that we all know pop up. Furthermore, these treatments allow for technology and belongings to maintain their internal temperature, without overheating or slowing down. Window treatments can offer up to about 25% in cost savings with air conditioning in an office space. Even more, studies have shown that employees are the most productive in temperatures between 70-73 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperatures start to fall outside of these parameters, (at below 63 or above 82 degrees Fahrenheit) employees are shown to spend 10% less time focused in the workplace, and even make 44% more mistakes overall.

Functionality and Design of the Workplace:

Finally, window treatments and window shades add a functionality and design element to your workspace overall. Not only does it allow for natural lighting during the day, UV protection, and reducing the sneaky costs; but it also gives the ability to change the shades throughout the day for meetings, corporate events, or comfort. Window treatments and shades provide comfort and a visually appealing aspect to the environment. Employees can rest easy and be more productive knowing that they have privacy and space to do their job.  With highly versatile and sustainable options, the advantages of window treatments and roller shades in your next corporate project are highly beneficial.

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