• Industry
  • LocationAthens, Georgia
  • Project Executive(s)Ezra Peterson
  • Project Manager(s)Meghan Blanchard
  • Materials UsedColorbeat, Zucchini ; Taped Off, Chic, Cool, Current, Hip ; Dotted Infusion, Structure ; Reawakened, Distinguished, Mature, Rare, Ripe ; Late Nite, Chic, Dashing, In Vogue, Stroll
  • Other ContributionsDesign Firm: E + E Architecture

Irish company, Voxpro, whose clients include companies such as Google, Airbnb and Nest, chose Athens, Georgia, as the location to establish their new Center of Excellence. Voxpro provides a range of business services internationally, servicing 32 countries. These services include multilingual customer experience and technical support solutions, trust and safety monitoring, social media management, and product insight. The company works with clients from innovative tech startups to global giants, helping them scale internationally and deliver a high-quality customer experience with every interaction. Voxpro occupies a unique position in its industry. The design of the Athens office space is meant to reflect that through the creation of a distinctive workplace. The space responds to the technology brands the company works with in partnership, while also feeling unique. As with its other offices, Voxpro designed its Athens operation to reflect its host community, employing a musical theme in its Athens facility. The offices encourage vitality in the workplace in a stimulating and vivacious manner. Client-centric areas like meeting rooms, product displays, and reception reflect the fun and high energy atmosphere of a rock concert. Further spaces cleverly combine vibrance and music. Vinyl records, silhouetted cheering crowds, and pop star murals are met with bright and colorful palates with the intention of encouraging creativity and inspiration. The overall result is a highly unique, brand-new workplace is a space that fosters profound effective collaboration between Voxpro and its partners, and where employees can do their best work.

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