• Industry
  • LocationDawson, Georgia
  • Project Executive(s)Jeffrey Thomas
  • Materials UsedVCT: Azrock, Pewter, Shuttle Grey, and Ryegrass ; Tile: Unglazed Mosaics, Light Smoke ; Palais Matte, Bronzage Carpet Tile: Kinetic, Pistachio; Super Nop, Beige

The Terrell Regional Youth Detention Center was a renovation and addition to the existing facility in Dawson, Georgia. The renovation happened to the existing building to include Administration, Visitation, Intake, Medical, Academics, Kitchen, Laundry, Dining and Central Control. A new 56-bed housing building including support, multipurpose and recreation areas, vocational building, and a gymnasium were also included in the renovation. The housing building utilizes modular pre-fabricated steel cells.

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