• Industry
  • LocationAthens, Georgia
  • Project Executive(s)Jeffrey Thomas
  • Materials UsedHaze Tile, Smoke | Stained Concrete | Shaw Entree Tile, Black Chocolate
  • Other ContributionsDesigner: Kristin Butler

The vision at Athens Church is to create a church that unchurched people love to attend. The primary desire in the organization is to be an attractive and relevant environment for those who do not regularly attend religious service. The people there believe the best thing that can be done for the locals of Athens is to create a home-grown church full of strong families and individuals who are passionately pursuing God. Since the first service on January 23, 2005, it has remained fervent in its mission and vision. Small groups meet on site, so a need for communal meeting space had to be met in the design. Designer Kristin Butler (Piedmont Athens Regional Labor & DeliveryRush) made the space inviting and modern to portray the unconventional atmosphere. Contrary from traditional churches, this space features unique aspects that set it apart from other denominational churches. The building gets an industrial atmosphere from the large storage containers, cinder blocks, stained concrete, and exposed brick. Natural elements such as leather, raw wood, cowhide rugs, and plants all add to the unique ambiance that Butler has created for the space. This contemporary church has made a statement with its design as being a place for unchurched people to congregate.


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