Covid-19 Protocols and Keeping Jobsites on Schedule
Author: Isaac Ramos, January 28th, 2022

Keeping Job Sites Safe Amidst Covid-19


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the commercial flooring industry has faced many challenges in keeping jobsites safe amidst Covid-19. One of DCO Commercial Floors own, Isaac Ramos, gives us his insight on how DCO has been able to adapt, remain on schedule, and what we have learned since March of 2020, when it all started.

What was the most difficult challenge that DCO faced with the covid-19 pandemic?

I believe DCO’s biggest challenge when the pandemic first hit was not necessarily knowing what the specific protocol was. With the situation being very fluid, we were forced to move in the direction we believed was right for the moment. However sooner than later we adapted to the situation with guidance from the CDC and other health organizations.

What was it like to be a site superintendent while facing quarantines, isolations, and the possibility of the jobsite shutting down?

As a Site Superintendent at the time, I believe the challenge was the unknown. Not knowing if it was entirely safe being at the jobsite, or if you were at a high risk of contracting the virus. Most importantly,  the possibility of not being able to work days if not weeks on end. The uncertainty was something that we had to face on a daily basis as all of the situation was still developing.Keeping Job Sites Safe Amidst Covid-19

How have the daily tasks changed since covid-19?

The major changes consist of mitigating the risk of contracting the virus. Most, if not all individuals are more cautions when around  big crowds. Individuals are more concerned about protecting one another so that the jobsite stays on schedule and productive.

 What protocols (if any) do you think will continue to be put in place so that workers can do their jobs while staying healthy ?

I’d like to believe that the safety measures and protocols we currently have will remain permanently, as we have seen it is an effective measure of safety. Moving forward, I believe every DCO individual will continue to take their health and the health of others as the top priority. The current measures have proven to be a rapid safety net to prevent other employees to get sick of any matter. Examples of this are: contact tracing, for when someone tests positive for Covid-19, working remotely if you become sick and lastly, getting tested if you believe to have had a close contact with someone who has Covid-19.

How did you face the challenges on the jobsite with distribution issues and logistics?

Keeping Job Sites Safe Amidst Covid-19

Some of the challenges we faced with distributions and logistics were the sanitation processes. We sanitized  every single piece of material that we had before putting it into the building. Reassuring ourselves that following CDC protocol would lessen the chance of contracting the virus,  making sure that we communicated with drivers at a safe distance, so that everyone would still feel safe while performing their tasks.

What are some of the lessons we have learned due to the covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 has taught us many lessons on the job site. We are now more aware of the safety net that we have in place to protect our employees. The adaptability that we have faced over the past two years has been something of great demand, but we pride ourselves on being able to evolve in any given situation, while satisfying our customers, and keeping the site on schedule. Lastly, I believe it has shown the comradery between every colleague; because working together even through a pandemic has shown we can face any challenge thrown our way.

How has DCO become stronger because of the pandemic?

One of DCO’s strongest abilities throughout the pandemic has been adaptability. Even with our employees facing some of the most difficult years of their lives, DCO managed to stick together. We acclimated to the change, and as we move into the new year, remain united and profitable, while still continuing to strive for better.

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About the Author: Isaac Ramos has been in the commercial flooring industry for 5 years. He started off with a small company in 2017, before finding his way to DCO Commercial Floors in 2019. From his time at DCO, he has realized how much more complex the flooring industry really is, and has been a dedicated team member throughout his career at DCO. Isaac believes that disciplining yourself and finding new opportunities are the foundations for success. In his free time, Isaac enjoys spending time with his family and visiting new places on weekend getaways.  Feel free to reach out to Isaac Ramos for more information on how to better your jobsites, and DCO’s Covid-19 protocols. Email:

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