Athens, GA 30606
Salary: $35,000.00 to $40,000.00 /year

Field Supervisor

Serving in the Residential Installation Supervisor role helps the overall functionality of Dalton Carpet One’s organization, by providing installation supervision and decisions that support the company’s operations. The Residential Installation Supervisor interacts with a wide range of staff, vendors and suppliers, as warranted by the duties and tasks at hand. Responsibilities and tasks are moderate in scope and complexity, and day-to-day work is performed with general instruction, which might include new or unusual assignments where independence and initiative are welcome, encouraged and occasionally required. Residential Installation Supervisors have a primary job focus area for which they are accountable; however, they also help with other assignments and projects that involve coordinating with other support staff or work groups to gather information, solve problems and develop creative solutions for tackling the job(s) at hand. This role is important to Dalton Carpet One’s success, as it ensures the quality of the organization’s residential installation business is being handled effectively and efficiently and is consistently moving ahead and functioning smoothly. Job Training occurs on-site and having the right attitude and aptitude is a must, which is best described as: having personal qualities and characteristics that demonstrate “true team spirit” and possessing the ability and sincere desire to learn and grow. Must pass a Background Check and be willing to take, and successfully pass, a Drug Screening Test.

Residential Installation Supervisor Tasks

  • Through regular pre-walk, spot check and post-walk jobsite visits, along with the use of Dalton Carpet One’s Quality Control Checklists, ensure proper quality of installations.
  • Work to build good relationships with customers and to see that their expectations are realized and exceeded.
  • Help determine additional costs associated with any change orders that may apply to jobs where work outside of the current scope is required. Negotiate change order pay with subcontractors and communicate effectively with sales staff to ensure prompt execution of billing to customers.
  • Help to inspect and resolve all residential customer issues/callbacks to ensure prompt customer service as well as protecting company interests.
  • Through regular jobsite visits, ensure proper quality of installations and proper performance of installation subcontractors. Work with customers to ensure that expectations are realized and exceeded.
  • Ensure proper installation tools and materials are utilized by subcontract crews daily by participating in and assisting in installer ship out, resolve material issues as well as installation method concerns prior to start of installation.
  • Execute moisture tests on jobsites.
  • Understand, operate and make daily and long-term decisions with Dalton Carpet One’s Core Purpose & Core Values as your guide.

9. Other duties and responsibilities as required or requested.

Residential Installation Supervisor:

Required, Preferred & Desired “Tools” Needed To achieve the desired and results and achieve successful outcomes (i. e., attributes, education, experience, skill set).


· Attitude, personal qualities and characteristics of team spirit.

· Aptitude, ability and desire to learning grow IE trainable.

· Vision, understanding of and commitment to what matters most.

· Accountability, making promises and keeping commitments to make what matters most happen.

· Passion, showing enthusiasm about serving and inspiring others integrity personal core values in line with Dalton Carpet One’s values.

· Collaborative, a true team player.

· Dependable, reliably consistent dash follows through.

· Optimistic, positive outlook.

· Mirrors the market and customer base in appearance and communication style.

· Advanced PC skills.

· Strong organizational and analytical skills.

· Schedule flexibility.

· Successfully pass a background check.

· Valid driver’s license.

· Ability to collaborate with and support diverse groups and individuals.


· Takes pride in serving others through meaningful work.

· High school diploma or higher.

· Ability to read blueprints.

· Floor covering/cabinet installation experience in all types such as; LVP, wood, vinyl, tile and cabinet installation.

· Ability to solve tactical problems quickly.

· Experience in or knowledge of construction.


· Prior experience in installation management.

· Ability to work with and lead a diverse group of individuals.

· Has shown a lot of initiative in prior positions.

· Ability to negotiate and resolve issues with subcontractors.

· Ability to handle multiple projects and properly prioritizing complete projects.

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